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Ecommerce Websites

We are currently not taking on ecommerce projects due to workload. Apologies for any inconvenience.

E-Commerce/Online Stores – Starting from $600

Our ecommerce websites are built using the Shopify Platform. You can learn more about their services here.

Please note that we don’t do customised designs for e-commerce. You will be able to choose from a selection of pre-made layouts for your store.

What are the costs?

Design Cost: This is the cost to design the website. Prices start from $600. Please email us for a definitive quote as this is dependent on the number of products you will be selling. This is a one-off fee.

Ongoing costs(not included in our pricing)

Hosting: This is a monthly fee paid to Shopify to host your website and covers the cost for your secure payment gateway.
Plans can be viewed at: shopify.co.nz/pricing. (You will only need the Basic plan.) Note that prices are charged in USD so the equivalent NZ amount would be approx $50 per month.

Domain: This is your website address. Eg. yourwebsite.co.nz and is approx $30 per year.

What features are included?

Our ecommerce websites contain basic features such as product variant options, add to cart, credit card checkout and optional user account creations. If your website requires any specific functionality/features please enquire with us first. We unfortunately don’t offer advanced product search functionality, multi-buy discount codes or subscription services.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Not until you want the website to go live. During development, we will create you a demo website that you can view via a temporary link. We are a Shopify Partner which means we have the ability to create demo websites with an unlimited timeframe (unlike the 14 day trial restriction if you sign up via their website). This means you do not have to rush, and we can continue to work on the draft until you are happy with how it looks.

What happens if I want the website to go live?

Once you are happy with the design, The next step is to transfer the ownership of the Shopify account to you. Once this process is initiated, the website will enter a ‘frozen’ state and you will be sent a link to enter the billing details for your Shopify account. As per Shopify’s terms: “When a store is frozen, it is in a suspended state that requires billing information to be entered by the store owner. To allow access to the store, the store owner must log in and provide current billing information so that the store can move over to a live subscription plan. This ‘subscription’ refers to the monthly ‘Hosting’ charge as mentioned above.

After your subscription has been activated, we will then request payment to us for the website design charge.

Then we will help you to set up your domain name, that is, changing the company.myshopify.com link to your own website address – yourwebsite.co.nz. We will also advise you on how to set up payment processing.

How are customer’s purchases processed?

Customer’s purchases are processed via Shopify’s secure credit card processing. You will need to provide your bank account details during the website setup, and the funds from all purchases will be deposited into your nominated account, normally within 4 business days.

Credit card rates are 2.7% + 30c for New Zealand cards and 3.5% + 30c for International cards. This fee is taken from the purchase price when a transaction is made.

Once a customer has made a purchase, their order and shipping information can be viewed through your Shopify account. You’ll also receive an email notification.

Order Confirmation emails are sent to customers notifying them that you have received and are processing their order. You can choose whether you want this to be automatic (and charge their credit card immediately), or whether you would like to manually approve each order.