Setting Up Your Email

In order to set up your email, you first need to decide which option you would like to use. There are three options available.
We recommend the first option for most customers.

1. Email Forwarding

Pros: This is the easiest option and literally only takes a second to set up.

We create you an address such as and redirect it to your personal email. (If you don't want to use your personal email you can create a separate Gmail/Outlook account such as

All email addressed to will automatically be forwarded to

We can do this all for you; you don't need to set anything up. You get a professional email alias and can simply reply to all emails from your own personal account.


When you reply to an email, the sender address will show as your personal email. So if a customer sends an email to ", when you reply the 'from' address will show up as

This is probably only a minor con as most people do not bother to look at the sender address before hitting reply.

2. POP3/IMAP Setup

Pros: Using an email client such as Outlook, Gmail or Mac Mail that supports POP3/IMAP you can sync your business emails to your email client. When replying the sender address will show as your customised email. Eg. from:


This option requires some technical knowledge to set up and configure. We will provide you with the configuration settings, however as it requires access to your personal email account, we can not do this for you.

For detailed info on the setup process please Click Here.

If you do not understand what POP3/IMAP is or how to use it, we recommend you choose the first option.

3. Business Gmail

Google offers a service called Google Workspace which allows you to create a Gmail account with an address.

Pros: The interface is the same as Gmail so you will probably already be familiar with the features.

Cons: There is an extra charge starting at $6 USD per month (payable to Google) for this service for a Basic Email Plan. Multiple email accounts will also incur additional fees.