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Web Design

STANDARD WEBSITES | $600 Web Design Package (up to 7 pages)

We provide affordable webs design solutions for those on a tight budget.
All of our websites are responsive and mobile-friendly which means they look great on any screen size!

How will you build my website?

It’s a pretty simple process. You email us a link to a website that you like, or alternatively provide us with your style/layout preferences. We then create a draft of your proposed website which you will be able to review online and provide feedback. Once you are happy with your design, we’ll ask you to send through all the text and images for your site. Depending on how fast we receive your feedback, websites can generally be completed within 10 days.

What features are included?

Our package is for a basic text/image website and can include an optional gallery, contact form and/or google map at no extra charge. Please note that we do not build websites that require extensive configurations such as: online booking systems, search filters, newsletter signups, property search sites, subscription based websites, etc.

Are there any other additional costs?

All website owners need Web Hosting (the ‘storage space’ where your site’s files are held) and a Domain Name/Web Address (yourwebsite.co.nz). These are mandatory requirements for any website to function. Basically, anyone who owns a website needs to pay ‘rent’ for their website to ‘live’ on the internet.

Our website package price includes a 12 month hosting/domain subscription (unless you’ve already purchased your own). If you currently have your own Domain, but not Hosting, then you will need to decide whether to purchase Hosting from your current provider, or transfer your Domain to ours. Our 12 months free hosting offer applies only to those who use our provider.

After this, the renewal fee is approximately $110 per year. This fee is not paid to us, but to the domain/hosting company.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No. Your invoice will be sent through once you have approved your website design. During the creation of your website, you will be able to view a working version on one of our temporary hosting accounts. Once payment is received, it will then be transferred to your own hosting and domain.

I already have a website. Can you update it?

While we don’t work with websites that have been developed by others, we can however create you a new website and transfer all your existing text and images over. You will be able to keep your existing website address.

Can I have a matching email address for my website?

Yes. We can set up an email for you to match your website. Eg info@yourdomain.co.nz. Just let us know whether you would like the email forwarding, IMAP or GSuite option.

Do you do e-commerce websites?

We have an e-commerce/online store package available, however these are built on a separate platform and are priced differently from our standard websites. Click to view more info.

What if I need to edit my site?

We will provide you access to a CMS (content management system) feature that will allow you to login and make simple changes to the content yourself. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable making changes, simply email us with your website address and the details that you would like changed, and we will update it for you for a small one-off fee.

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