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We provide affordable website design for New Zealand businesses on a tight budget. All of our websites are responsive and mobile-friendly which means they look great on any screen size! You can use your own Domain and Hosting provider if you already have one. Otherwise, our packages have 12 months domain/hosting included in the price. See below for more details.

How will you build my website?

Basic Package

Our basic package uses a pre-made template that we have built. Take a look at our template and examples by clicking here. Then send us your text/images and colour preference. If you need help writing, no worries, we can help you. We'll add your content and customise the colours to suit your brand. This process can take up to five days. We'll send you a temporary link to review your website online, so you'll be able to see exactly how it would look.

Custom Package

For our custom package, email us a link or screenshot to a website that you like, or alternatively provide us with your style/layout preferences. Then send through your website content (text/images for each page). Once we have that, we can create a draft of your proposed website. This will generally be done within ten days of receiving your content. We'll send you a temporary link to review your website online, so you'll be able to see exactly how it would look and provide any feedback.

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What features are included?

Basic Package

Our Basic package includes an optional google map and a photo gallery. Contact forms are not included in our basic package. Instead, the contact page will list your company email address and/or phone number. Image slideshows are not included in the basic package. The homepage will show a single static image, but a slideshow is available in our Custom package.

Custom Package

Our custom package can include the following: an optional google map, gallery, contact form, image slideshow. Please note that we do not build websites that require extensive configurations such as: online ordering or booking systems, search filters, property search sites, membership accounts, subscription based websites, etc. However, we may be able to embed a third-party service into your site. For example, if you need an appointment booking system, you could sign-up to picktime.com or calendly.com. They provide you with a piece of code that we use to embed their booking system into your website.

Are there any other additional costs?

All website owners need Web Hosting (the ‘storage space’ where your site’s files are held) and a Domain Name/Web Address (yourwebsite.co.nz). These are mandatory requirements for any website to function. Basically, anyone who owns a website needs to pay ‘rent’ for their website to live on the internet. A domain is around $34 and hosting around $100-$150 per year, depending on your provider.

Our packages include a 12 month domain/hosting subscription in our pricing. Alternatively, you can use your own domain/hosting provider. You're welcome to use any provider of your choice - provided that they support websites using PHP and MYSQL (you can ask us to check before you purchase, if you're unsure). We recommend choosing a host with servers in NZ or Australia for faster website speed, but it is your choice. You will also need an SSL certificate. Check with your provider on whether this is included in their Hosting, or if you have to purchase it separately.

Our 12 months free domain/hosting offer is only available to those who have their domain with our provider. The provider we use is onlydomains.com and their servers are located in Australia. We use them purely because they provide an easy way for us to purchase on behalf of our clients. Otherwise, if you are looking to purchase yourself and would like an NZ host, we would recommend 1stdomains.nz. Our own website is hosted with 1stdomains, so we know they offer great service. If you currently have your own Domain but not Hosting, then you would need to transfer your Domain to our provider to be eligible for our free hosting offer. We can help you with this process. However, note that newly purchased domains which are less than sixty days old cannot be transferred.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No. Your invoice will be sent through once you have approved your website design. During the creation of your website, you will be able to view a working version on one of our temporary hosting accounts. Once payment is received, it will then be transferred to your own hosting and domain.

I already have a website. Can you update it?

While we don’t work with websites that have been developed by others, we can however create you a new website and transfer all your existing text and images over. You will be able to keep your existing website address.

Can I have a matching email address for my website?

Yes. If you have your own Hosting provider, check with them on what email options they offer. We may be able to help, depending on the options. If you're using our provider, we can set up an email for you. Eg info@yourdomain.co.nz. Just let us know whether you would like the email forwarding, IMAP or Google Workspace option.

How long will it take to build my website?

It won't take long at all! Once you have sent through your page content we'll be able to create you a draft website. For our basic package this takes as little as 5 days. For our custom package this can take 7-10 days. After that, you'll have a chance to request any revisions. The timeframe for revisions depends on what changes you request, but would normally only be a few days. If you're happy with the site, the invoice will be sent through. Once payment is received your site will go live within 2-4 days.

Is SEO included in the website package?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not included in the website package. Please be aware that SEO is very pricey and involves a lot of complexities. There are also different levels of SEO. Many web developers who claim their package (under $1000) includes SEO only offer adding a basic meta title/description, which alone does little to affect search ranking – and you can easily add this yourself. As our focus is on creating affordable websites – we do not offer SEO services. We recommend using social media ads and/or Google Ads for promoting your business. If you sign up to Google Ads you can get a free half hour consult with a Google Ads expert. Or we can recommend you to digital marketing agencies that you can hire to do SEO or SEM (search engine marketing) after the website is built.

Do you do E-commerce websites?

Sorry, we don't do e-commerce/online store websites.

What if I need to edit my site?

We will provide you access to a CMS (content management system) that will allow you to login and make changes to the content yourself. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable making changes, simply email us with your website address and the details that you would like changed, and we will update it for you for a small one-off fee.

Additional note

Please note that we do not build websites with content relating to religious, spiritual, holistic health or adult practices.

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